Sunday, September 20, 2009

On August 14th, we had a great exchange and presentation, with each of these participants - David Afable - Diana Chang - Andrew Fenster - Camille Heyboer - Morgan Leykam - demonstrating how their Green Map was created and how it worked. It was exciting to see how much was accomplished!

Along with students in the Red Hook Green Map project, Jordan Pender and Sarit Platkin presented the night before with Congresswoman Nydia Velaquez and other officials and parents in attendance in Brooklyn. Here are links to the interactive Open Green Maps they created:

Red Hook Brooklyn

Northeast Permaculture & Urban Eco Agriculture

Syracuse University Area

Utica NY

Joining the internship event were Green Map staff, who took part in the training sessions as well as the season's end review.

More about this program and its diverse outcomes will be added here soon. If you would like to know more about the resources and outcomes available, click and explore adaptable tools, videos and media resources, and a wide rage of youth-authored Green Maps.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Camille Heyboer

Hello everyone,

I spent this week put some final touches on my map and taking the final pictures of Green sites. I have finished the hard copy of my green map, and I will work in the next couple of days to upload it onto the computer. Once that is done, I hope to also include the pictures that I have taken of the green sites into the map. I have also began to organize the pictures that I took this week into a slideshow for the presentation on Friday. I have drafted a short press release for my Green Map, however I am not yet satisfied with it, so I plan to rewrite it and hopefully finish it this week. I will see you all on Friday!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Diana Chang/Harlem/untitled

Hello everyone! Sorry for the late update. I was so busy with my work. So far I have finished the map of my school campus. It came out pretty nice. Thanks Andrew and Carlos for helping me installing the greenmap icon fonts. With this tool I am able to evaluate the places in Harlem.

I am really hoping that I can take a trip to Harlem this week when I get a day off. Right now I am aggregating more city blocks surrounding my school campus so the students are able to identify some places that provide good stuff.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Camille Heyboer

Hi everyone!

I did much of my work this week on Open Green Map. Up until this week, I had been slowly adding sites to my OGM, but I spent a lot of time this week adding to my OGM all the sites that are on my Green Map. I also did a little bit more field work this week, taking pictures of the green sites on my map that I will be organizing into a slideshow. I have also begun work on the key for my map. Conveniently, I have typed up many of the descriptions for the sites on my OGM, so it is simply a matter formating them to be used for the map key.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Morgan Leykam

Hey Guys! I know it's been a while since my last post, but I've been up to a lot since then.

Right now, I'm in Syracuse doing some "field work," taking pictures, talking to people, etc. I never knew how beautiful my campus could be in the summer time and the weather has been great. Anyways, I've been taking pictures of my sites. For most of them, I want an exterior and interior view so people can get a sense of what the place looks like from the inside and how to spot it on the street. For the place that aren't conveniently located by foot, I've been calling store managers to get a sense of what the place is like, what services they offer, etc. I've been asking if they'd like to advertise on the map as well and I think I have a few takers.

As for the design, I've been sketching up a storm, trying to get the right color scheme. SU building have this create color palatte of brick/red and stone/gray that I think I want to mimmick. I also discovered our library's map room to find an atlas with a skeleton map I can use.

Is there an application to add events onto the OGM?

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Camille Heyboer

Hi everyone!

So after giving up on my original idea last week, things have been going much better. I had a base map, and I have finished adding icons from all of my sites. I now want to transfer the map to the computer. I am also creating a key for the map, with all of the sites, their secondary icons, and more information about each of the sites. I am hoping to visit some of the sites this week to collect more detailed information about some of them. That is pretty much all I managed to get done this week, as posting all of the sites took a bit of time. I hope everyone's map is going well!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Diana Chang/Harlem/untitled

Hello everyone! I went to the meeting on Friday and it went great. I got many ideas from Andrew and know that I have so many things to think about. First, it's the way that the pamphlet opens. Second, the places that I want to include in the map. Third, the printing issue, I am still not sure if I can get to print out the maps in my school.

So far I have finished the map of the campus. Furthermore, I have to decide the boundary where I want the map to extend.

Next thing I want to do is to take a trip to Harlem which I never had a chance to. I am hoping that I can really accomplish this this week.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Camille Heyboer

So, I learned this week of my complete incompetence as far as computers go, and thus I am changing up my map idea a little bit. I have a base map now, and instead of placing my sites on the map on the computer, I am going to do it by hand. It means that I wasted a bit of time trying to make my map on the computer work, but I think the end product will make the extra time worth it.

This week, I took pictures at another 1/3 of my sites, and also wrote more in-depth descriptions for these sites. I have all of my sites plotted on a preliminary map, I just need now to transfer them onto my actual map. I'm hoping to get at least halfway done with this transfer this week, as well as finishing up my photos.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Diana Chang/Harlem/untitled

Hello everyone! Sorry for the late update. So far I got the map of my school campus and begin to color in with the microsoft paint. I also have researched the rewiews of the places about the neighborhood. Sadly, I couldn't explore about Harlem last week because I was extremely busy with my current job so hopefully I will go there this week .

By Friday, I should have the complete layout of the map with the colors in them and a list of locations that I want to indicate on the map.