Sunday, July 12, 2009

Camille Heyboer

Hi everyone!

So this week was actually a very productive week for me. I finally overcame my computer difficulties and managed to get set up on Green Map and Open Green Map. I had a bit of trouble getting some of the files to open on the very outdated programs on my computer, but I managed in the end. I have been able to replace the generic icons I was using before with the Green Map icons, which has really put me in a good position as far as getting the map done.

The sun also decided to shine in upstate NY this week, so I managed to get some pictures taken. I spent about 4 hours on Thursday driving around taking pictures at the Green Map sites in my area. I also typed up short information sheets for all the businesses that I visited, with a little bit of information about Green Map in general and specifically about the focus of the Utica Green Map. I got about 35 photos taken, but it took a long time because the sites are pretty far about. I'm hoping for another nice day this week to finish up the picture taking. I'm going to include the pictures in the media section on Green Map and probably also make the pictures into a powerpoint. I hope its going well for everyone else!

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