Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Morgan Leykam

Hey ya'll.  I finally figured out how to start my OGM (thanks to Wendy and Andrew- Thank You so much!).  I've added a couple of sites, only the ones I've already been to so I can add a short description about them.  When I actually get up to Syracuse, I'll be able to add more sites and make sure the ones I have on my to-do list are legit.  I'll probably be up there by the 18th or 19th.  Until then, I'll continue with my OGM and designs for the print-out map.

Andrew or Wendy, when is the best time to ask you about the printing process? like, where I would need to get it printed, what are the size confinements, etc.  I'm pretty sure I want it to fit in your pocket, but not sure about how it's going to fold yet.  I also made contact with a woman at the Syracuse University Office of Student Affairs who is very interested in having my map apart of freshman orientation materials.  I would love to have students sign up to be apart of CSAs would don't have a car to go to the supermarket, or for them to buy a bike instead of taking the bus everywhere.  I'd like to start good habits from the beginning.  But I don't just want freshman to get the map, but upper class men too.  I'll have to brainstorm with my contact about that.

So, a lot of good things are happening this week!  I hope everyone else is doing well too.  

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