Sunday, June 21, 2009

Camille Heyboer

During my past week, most of my work on my Green Map has been limited to researching sites. I had been hoping to be able to visit some of these sites already, however the poor weather, as well as my lack of a driver's license, have limited me to computer research. This preemptive research will actually be helpful, I believe, because when the weather improves I will be able to plan in advance that sites that I want to visit. I have also been able to collect information such as address, phone number, and entry fee (if any).

As I have been researching sites for my Green Map, I actually thought of a different angle for my map. It still fits with my theme, which will be a youth map, but instead of only focusing on the sustainable things that youth can do in their community, I want to also focus on the how teens can help make their community more sustainable. Because of that I will also be including sites where youth can volunteer and improve their community. I have also been thinking of working with the refugee center in my town on this project. Utica has a large population of Bosnian refugees and, because they are such a substantial part of the community in Utica, I want to make sure I keep the refugee center in mind while I am working on my map.

As well as researching sites for my Green Map, I have been searching for a mapping program that would allow me to do a printable map in addition to a map on the computer. In the past week I have begun to work with Google Earth, which has allowed me to place and label sites. I am just going to have to see if I can incorporate the Green Map symbols into the program.

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