Sunday, June 28, 2009

David Afable

Hey all, this week has been crazy. I was really busy, but I managed to get some work done on my map, especially yesterday and today, which I managed to get off from work. Unfortunately none of the businesses I emailed replied to my survey, so I had to resort to phone calls. I managed to get some information on some of the places that I want to include on my map. So far I have 11 sites that I want to include, and a couple more that I haven't been able to research yet. I'm still deciding on whether I want to print my map or not.

I've also decided on the shot from Google Maps that I want to use on the map and have made a list of the Green Map Icons that I want to use.

One of my jobs has me working at one of the arboretums that I want to include on my map. The main office at the top of the hill has a room full of animals that parents love to bring their children to. Even during the week there have been 2-3 visitors a day. I plan to introduce my map concept to my boss, and hopefully she'll be willing to hold and distribute the maps to the families. Seeing as my map is family oriented, this will be a big step and a deciding factor on whether I will print my maps or not.

This week I plan to begin the construction of my map. I'll be less busy than last week so I have some time set aside for the project.

Also, I requested Green Maps on facebook at the beginning of the week and no reply! :-( Anyway, have a great week everyone!

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