Sunday, June 21, 2009

David Afable

Hey everyone! It's been a long week for me, both with the starting of my 2 summer jobs and with my preparation for my green map (as well as a trip to six flags). This week I comprised a complete list of the locations I want on my map, including all the parks, reservations, farmer's markets, and potential green businesses. I wrote up all the little captions I want for each location as well.

For the green businesses I've written up a survey of 6 questions which will help me determine which on my list I can consider to be green. One question focuses on whether the business would be willing to carry a printed version of the map. This will help me determine if I'll end up printing my map or not. I've emailed the survey to all the businesses on my list that have emails, and will hand deliver to those that do not this week.

I'm highly considering doing a printed map, something like a smaller version of the Stockholm map that we saw, I found that really cool. The artwork and style on that map makes me want to make mine "artsy" as well.

The research is going well, and the project is getting more exciting as I await for the first reply to my survey. I hope the project is going well for everyone else!

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