Sunday, June 28, 2009

Diana Chang/Harlem/untitled

Hello, hoping everyone had a great week. I couldn't go to Harlem because it was Father's Day last week and I couldn't request for a day off. So I figured that it would be more convenient to use googlemap to list out all the local markets, healthy dining restaurants, recreational parks around the area. then I will search the reviews for each of these locations.

I also figured out to how make the map by using microsoft word and paint. so I am trying to create the map as identical as the google map but with different lineweights, and colors.

Again, I attended the Diabetes Prevention Workshop (5 sessions). I spoke with the director of the program and she is willing to give me more information and the social, economical, and political factos that may involve in this disease.

I had an idea about making a series of video clips that gives the youtube viewers healthy wellness tips. Unfortunately, I don't have enough people to help me with the videos. And without a cameraman, it will be hard to emit the message.

Hopefully next week I will visit Harlem one day and have my map constructed .

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