Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Morgan Leykam

Green Map Location: Syracuse, NY
Green Map Title/Focus: A Green Life for the College Student with No Green

First, I'd like to say thanks to Andrew, Wendy and all the Green Maps staff for giving us a wonderful training session.  I had a great time!  And to the other interns, it was great to meet you.

I've decided to make a map of my school community: Syracuse University.  There's a green monster rumbling in upstate New York (what with its copious amounts of local farmers and untapped wind potential) and Syracuse University is beginning to entice it out of its cave.  SU is utilizing its brain power and clout to encourage students and professors to live healthier, more sustainable lives, while stimulating to the local economy and providing jobs in research institutes and building projects.  However, many students and members of the community are unaware of the great local businesses, natural and cultural sites right in their neighborhood.  My Green Map of Syracuse is my way of educating new and old members of the community on sustainable living, community organizing, and building something we can be proud of.  This Green Map will be my way of giving back and utilizing my education to benefit the city of Syracuse.  

After all, I love SU  

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