Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Diana Chang

Dear Wendy and Andrew,

Thanks for giving me this opportunity to enhance people's livestyle through the Green Maps.

The following is my brainstorming for the map.

-Target Neighborhood: Harlem (Since Harlem is such a big region, can I focus on a small portion of it?)
-Map Theme: to improve people's lifestyle in order to prevent obesity and other related diseases such as diabetes.
-Map Outline: I will contact my school, local markets, dining restaurants, the recreation centers, and others places to examine whether they are good or bad for people's health.
-Brief Timeline for mapping process:
June 15-17: Get the City Campus Map
June 18-20: Learn and begin how to create a map on Excel
June 23: Visit Harlem to find out the areas that might spread out the epidemic of obesity.
June 29-30: Do some brainstorming
July 1-5: Begin building the map
July 6-17: Do more research and sometimes go to Green Map headquarter to get
some help.
July 24: Hopefully can be printed out and go over it with the Green Map
-Map Type: Print and video.
-Target Audience: students, policy makers, and people who live in this community.

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