Sunday, June 21, 2009

Morgan Leykam

Green Map Location: Syracuse, NY
Green Map Title/Focus: A Green Life for the College Student with No Green

Hey Everyone!  This past week, I've actually been doing quite a bit of green research: preparing for my Green Map field work, blogging for this cool new website called music quench (, writing about what people in the music industry are doing to make the world a little greener, and offering quasi-expert advice to my step-mom about putting a compost in our backyard.

So far, I've made a working list of sites I want to include on my map that I'll go and visit once I get up to Syracuse.  Keeping in mind my audience of mostly low-income college students or families in the community, I want to highlight places that won't brake the bank, but will give people a healthier, more sustainable choice to their everyday purchases or activities.  Often the most defeating feeling when having no money is a feeling of being stuck, being dependent on someone else, or not feeling like you have a choice.  Until the U.S. government imposes a cap and trade policy on industrial pollution and supports more local, organic farmers, alternative energies and healthy food will continue to be just out of reach for struggling middle class families.  If one night you go out to eat at a restaurant that is completely powered by wind (Empire Brewing Company) instead of a chain restaurant, you can feel better about that one choice, and every little choice we make adds up.  

I'm also experimenting with different styles for the map design.  I really want it to reflect the heart and soul of Syracuse so the culture comes alive on paper.  I'll post those once they're finished.  I know I really want a list of upcoming green events in Syracuse on the back of the map, as well as short descriptions of each site so there is room for the map's evolution in the future.  This will ensure the map stays current and fresh with all the new local businesses that pop up.  I also want to list businesses in the area that hire entry-level employees to work on green projects so community members can get into the lucrative business and college grads can snag an internship for the summer.

I don't know if everyone has cable or not, but there's a new channel on TV (I think Discovery owns it) called planet green and there are some great shows on it about the newest green technologies and ways to renovate your home sustainably.  Enjoy!

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