Sunday, June 21, 2009

Diana Chang

Hello everyone! It has been a long week with the lousy weather. Last Monday, I attended the CUNY diabetes workshop (a program that teaches people to prevent diabetes). I received a lot of helpful information that can contribute to my greenmap. For example, the accessibility to health food and local gyms can influence one's lifestyle. If there are only fast food restaurants around the neighborhood, the people would dine in all the times. Consequently, these people would develop bad lifestyle and become obessed.

I have also tried to create a map by using Excel. Unfortunately it only showed the general outline of the map of New York State. I might try to use "Paint" or "Corel" to make the map.

In addition, I requested my school for a map of the campus so it allows me to determine where to put the green map icons on. I plan on taking a field trip to Harlem to explore the "healthy spots." I might consider of making a series of video clips, "Harlem's Healthy Monday," and post them on youtube. These videos can provide wellness tips to the people who live in a community that lacks of healthy meals, fitness, etc.

Good luck on everyone's project!

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