Sunday, June 28, 2009

Camille Heyboer

Hello Everyone,

After finally finishing final exams this week, I was able to focus my attention on my Green Map. As my Green Map is youth-focused, I have been talking to my friends and classmates about sites that they know about. I have spent my time this week researching these sites and plotting them on Google Earth. As of now, I am just using placemarks to mark these sites, however it appears that Google Earth will allow me to incorporate the Green Map Icons into my map, as well as take screenshots that could eventually be put together into a single image for a website.

During the summer in Utica, we have "Utica Monday Nites" every Monday. This year they are incorporating "Green Days" to inform the community about environmentally friendly activities and products in our area. Since Utica Monday Nite is youth-friendly, and now has a degree of focus on environmental sustainability, I am going to include the schedule for Utica Monday Nite, as well as the various event sites, into my map. Upon researching Utica Monday Nite, I came across a business fair type event that is going to occur in a town near mine in September. I plan to contact the organizer and see if it would be possible for Utica's Green Map to be introduced at this time.

I have also decided that I will organize the sites on my map not only by the proper Green Map icon name, but also by different labels such as "Things to do, places to eat, etc." I think that this will make the map more youth-friendly, because it organizes the information in a really simple way.

I only really have a question about Open Green Map. For Organization and related information, should we just put "Green Map Internship" or something of the sort? Thanks.

- Camille

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  1. Yeah that is fine Camille. Keep up the good work! For further questions just email me, since I will respond sooner.

    - Andrew